The Importance of Thematic Concepts and Statements in Fiction Writing

Theme, along with plot, character, setting and style, is one of the main components of fiction writing. It is the central topic of the work and can be divided into two categories. Thematic concepts are what the readers believe the work is about. Thematic statement is what the work says about the subject.

Daryl HarrisonThemes can often be summed up into a single word like love, betrayal, death, lust. These themes can include tales of nostalgia, ambition, conflicts with growing technology, coming of age tales and issues with individuals within society.

A book may even have several themes. They often explore ethical questions and have cross-cultural ideas. The author will not usually ask these big questions explicitly but pepper remnants of them throughout the story, often having the characters wrestle with the dilemma.

Themes can help you learn more about yourself and how you view the world. Authors will, at times, leave the final takeaway up to the reader, like ending a book just before the main character chooses between love and money. Readers are able to put themselves in the character’s shoes and decide, offering insight into what they value.

Daryl Harrison is the author of The Waiting Game. His book shows the internal struggles of a wrongly accused detective, searching for the truth before it’s too late. Daryl touches on the themes of issues with mental illness, a battle that Daryl has personally fought. Daryl now lives in New York where he is pursuing his writing career.

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