What A Character!

Writing good fiction depends on the writer’s ability to craft a story that readers want to invest their time and energy reading. One of the aspects of a novel that help draws reader in are the characters. Books are filled with many different types of individuals and they all play an important role.

Daryl HarrisonFirst off, it’s important to understand what a character is. A character is a participant in the story, usually a person, but can be any identity, entity or persona. There are several different types.

First, and maybe the most commonly known, is the protagonist. This person is the main character of the story. You should try to make your readers identify with this person and care about what happens to them. The protagonist is often referred to as the “good guy,” however there can also be an antihero as the main character.

You can’t have a protagonist without an antagonist. This is the character who opposes the main character. Although typically thought of as the “bad guy” there can be elements of good in an antagonist too. In many stories the protagonist and antagonist have to face off in some type of fight or battle, with the protagonist typically winning.

There is also the point-of-view character. This is the person through whom the story is viewed. Although they are often the main character, they do not have to be.

Daryl Harrison is a fiction writer who lives in New York with his wife, Abby Raines. Daryl is a successful self-published author.

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