Fiction Writing Tips – It’s All About The Characters

One of the things that draws readers into a book and elicits the emotion writers crave is a strong cast of characters. Developing memorable, well-rounded characters will help readers love your novel. But where do you start?

First, come up with a name and description. You want it to fit the person. Make the reader believe the name was made for this character and help them picture the person in their minds. Give good details about what the character looks like including their hair, skin, voice, identifying markings, style and personality. This will help the reader see your characters as real, and connect with them.

Daryl Harrison

Daryl Harrison

Next think about the character’s storyline. What will happen to them, especially in the end of the book? It is important to have an idea so you can keep the plot on track.

What is the person’s motivation and drive? Think about their internal and external wants and needs.

Next you need to narrow down any conflict the character will be involved with. Is it internal, external or both? Physical, mental or emotional?

And lastly, what does the character learn at the end of the book, if they make it that far? Do they accomplish their goal? Find love? Get revenge? Knowing their fate will help you craft the story around the main person.
Make sure to do this for all the major players in your novel so you know who they are, what they look like, what they want, and where they are going.

Daryl Harrison knows a thing or two about how to craft an interesting character. He self-published his critically acclaimed novel The Waiting Game, which features complex characters and a thrilling plot.

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