How to Self-Publish – When to Self-Publish

Many writers are afraid of the publishing industry, which is a tragedy, since they won’t get their writing out into the world without it. There has been some trepidation with the idea of self-publishing as well, as if self-published books are less legitimate and are only self-published because they aren’t good enough to be taken as seriously as a traditionally published book would be. Some writers treat the idea of self-publishing their book as a last resort, only turning to it if they have exhausted their options elsewhere. It doesn’t have to be this way. Sometimes authors write books they know they want to self-publish, for many different reasons. Some authors don’t want to be tied to a particular publisher or company when they release their book. They feel that they have more creative freedom and control if they self-publish. Sometimes an author writes the book they have always wanted, and, examining the publishing market, they decide to publish their book themselves because they don’t think they can break into the market any other way.

Daryl Harrison

Daryl Harrison

Consider self-publishing your book if it doesn’t necessarily fall into a well-defined genre, or if you don’t think there will be a market for it with people who buy new books at bookstores. If you think that your book is more geared toward people who buy e-books for their digital readers, publish your book in that format yourself and save yourself the hassle and cost of finding an agent and going through traditional means.

Daryl Harrison is a self-published author from Omaha who lives in New York.

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