How to Write Fiction – Compelling Characters

Fiction is an art that many try but few grasp the power of their words and the kinds of emotions that they can bring out in a person. If you are an aspiring author, but you don’t know where to start, here’s a tip: start with the characters. Your characters in your story will be the reason your readers will want to turn the pages of your book, and serve as the engine of the plot that drives the story.

Daryl Harrison

Daryl Harrison

Stephen King, the author of hundreds of books, several of which have been made into movies and miniseries, says that he likes to start with a few characters he created, put them in a situation and write down what happens next. This is a way of organically growing his plots out of the characters he creates. The key to creating compelling characters is to create some objective for them to achieve. Why do they need to achieve this? What’s stopping them? Only by watching them struggle to make their dreams come true to we as readers truly understand the characters on the page and recognize them as people. This motivation is usually what drives the whole story from beginning to end. Will they or won’t they succeed in their goal, and how will it affect the other characters?

Daryl Harrison has self-published one novel in his young career, but he has already been hailed as a master of his craft. His debut novel, The Waiting Game was an extremely successful book, both critically and commercially.

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